The wiring harness on the 120 for the Berger-Lahr steppers has conductors labeled 1-10 (look closely on the black wires inside the connector shell). The Vexta pentagon drivers have five output terminals; each one connects to two motor cable conductors according to the following chart:

Vexta driver terminal Stepper motor wire numbers (120, 220)
Blue 2,10
Red 8,5
Orange 3,6
Green 1,9
Black 7,4

Note: this wire labeling is correct for both X and Z axes of a Turn 120/220. It is not clearly marked on the 140/240 wiring diagram. See here for connection on a VMC100.

Current SetpointsEdit

The Vexta drives should be set to RUN current "E." The Vexta docs suggest that the STOP current should be set no higher than 7 (about 40% of the RUN current). The original stepper drives did reduce current when the motor was stopped, but by how much is unclear. It may be worth experimenting with gradually increasing STOP as long as overheating of the drive or motor does not occur (higher has more holding torque).