The spindle encoder requires 5VDC and has two outputs: 1ppr and 150ppr. (ppr = pulses per revolution).

For threading in Mach, we can use the 1ppr signal alone; the 360ppr signal isn't required.

Encoder pinout

Spindle encoder pinout

signal pin wire colour
GND 6 black
+5VDC 7 brown
1ppr output 3 green
360ppr output 2 white

The connector on the end of the encoder cable is an AMP 206434-1. The chassis-mount connector it mates up to is a 206433-1. You will also need four pieces 66569-3 solder cup female socket pins. Or just cut the connector off -- the wire colours are listed.

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Inner viewEdit

Encoder innards

Inside the spindle encoder showing 360ppr and 1ppr tracks (1ppr slot is at 3-o'clock position)


Encoder schematic

Spindle encoder schematic. Pinout refers to PCB header, not cable connector.