Sanyo berger

Sanyo Denki P50B07030VXKS7 servo (right) beside original Berger-Lahr stepper (left)

It is possible a couple of other motors from the P5 series might fit depending on your application: the 400W is 113mm long x 70mm square, the 500W is 126mm long x 86mm square (these are untested: check the dimensions of the space inside your machine first!!) If you try a different P5 series motor, make sure to get one with an S in the part number (incremental encoder), no brake, and no gearbox.

Some other specs on the P50B07030VXKS7: max rpm 3000, 300W output, torque ???

Length (back to flange) Shaft Diameter Body Diameter
Sanyo P50B07030 101mm 14mm 76mm
Original Berger Lahr 105mm 0.375" (~9.5mm) 89mm (between slots)